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Queens of The Stone Age - Camden, Roundhouse.

Last night i spent 4 hours in the middle of a mosh, sweating, rubbing myself up against teenage boys and hairy men. No, It wasn’t your usual clubbing experience on Croydon, it was 4 hours of pure bliss at The Roundhouse seeing Queens of The Stone Age. Taking to the stage at 8.45, Josh Homme beckoned the crowd with a Vodka bottle and a cigarette, throwing it onto the stage before opening the set with blasts from the past of their self titled debut album. Celebrating his 38th Birthday, Homme was serenaded by the crowd with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ where the front man replied; ‘ you guys can stop singing now, I haven’t got all night. Let me sing my songs’. With that, the band continued through half of their set with more hair and sweat swinging than a Marylyn Manson concert.

After a short break, the band returned with more recognisable songs (for me anyway!) ‘Make Love’ was played for the ‘Ladies here tonight’ and Josh paced the stage with cigarette in mouth, eyes closed and hands on strings, completely taking the moment in. ‘It’s so good to be back in London!’ he fed to the crowd, which drove them wild, throwing arms and beer cups in the air. The hotter it got, the more the beer stuck to the floor and peoples bodies. Sharing the Vodka with the crowd, Josh and the other band members ended the evening with ‘Go With the Flow’ – Little Sister rocked the crowd, sending them into a frenzy.
With a performance at Glastonbury, it is definitely something to look forward to to. I have never seen or known a man of 38 years of age make my knee’s quiver by just singing into a microphone and smoking a cigarette. Nice work Josh.

Photo's thanks to GIGWISE


Droo said...
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Sam B-T said...

I think this is a pretty good review. Fair enough, the song name error was a bit of a blunder but apart form that it was great. Do you really think Queens would care if she got a bit of grammar wrong? It's a review of a rock gig, not a school essay. Either way it was an amazing show. 4 hours of hard-hitting riffs, pounded relentlessly into 3,000 or so completely willing skulls.I don't know what I came out drenched in but it was totally worth it. The debut, eponymous album somehow managed to have gained life over the 10+ years since its recording. Josh and co. managed to keep us all on the ball and locked in despite only playing a couple of their hits. Every band member was on fire the whole night: Troy sending sweat flying everywhere around him (I was in the drench zone) - Castillo thumping flat out all night - Dean might as well have grown fangs and donned a cape (check any of the photos and you'll see what I mean) - Mickey Shoes locking in perfectly with Josh - and Josh pissed and charming the women as usual. Cannot fault the night in any way. They're sure to burn a hole into the otherwise radio-friendly atmosphere of Glasto 2011.

Betheny said...

Well, what a response.

Thank you Suzanne for providing me with expert tips on how to write properly (have i spelt that right?)

I write for my own enjoyment. I didnt take an English degree and I am really shit at spelling and grammar (but that's what copywriter's are for and editors)

....did i spell that right? or is it write?

Thanks Sam - as mentioned, I am not a hardcore fan of the band I just went along knowing a few songs, which i didnt know the names of. Glad you had fun. Obviously these two happy souls were the ones sat at the back.