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Some people need to chill..

Thanks for the 'constructive' comments on the last post. I suppose some people take blogging a hell of a lot more seriously than i intend. Sorry I am not the best writer in the world, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I am not a hardcore Queens fan and I am not a copywriter. But yes, I am quite shit at getting those commas and quotes in the right place. Suzanne, you happy soul, I will indeed take your rather harsh but valued comments on board. I suggest you go out for a drink as well, losen up.

Well, if i may carry on Suzanne.

Photo: Raspberry Beret Girl's Blog.(Thanks!)

I found a great place for a drink and chill in the heart of Brixton. Not one to usually hit the SW bars and clubs I The Duke of Edinburgh is a lovely drinking hole that offers a spacious beer garden with bunting, a flea market on a Sunday and a Cider Festival (11-12 June) The staff are friendly, the music is a mix between Indie and Soul and the punters are in their early to mid twenties - funky, chilled and friendly.
I ended up in The Whitehouse in Clapham on Friday, which is somewhere I will never be going again. I need to start suing Qype and check the Hype. £8 for a single and an appaling layout for a bar/club. Nah. Not for me.
Sunday I spent the whole day walking around Brick Lane with my flatmates, sampling the Thai curry's in the food hall and sipping fresh smoothies while listening to some Raggae. The afternoon was filled in the WaterPoet, which is another fab pub with lots of random collections of pictures, tables and cairs and wall hangings.

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