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Diesel Island Life

This weekend was packed full of free booze, food and good company.
Friday kicked off with Diesel's free party with Goldie, Aeroplane and Yu Fing with free Kopperberg and Beer all night. We thought they would at least cap the bottle's around 11pm but it was all night and god did we make the most of it. The free event was held at The Islington Metal Works, which is a great art space which is also used for a range of other events. Hidden away down a small alleyway behind Angel tube, it had a fantastic court yard, with an old tube carriage as a bar. Then detail that Diesel created to ensure eveyrone had a great time was fanastic, I managed to steal some cardboard animals which manged to get home safely.

Areoplane played some great tunes, wuth Goldie packing out the whole second room with Jungle and drum and bass. Definately a great evening thanks to Kopperberg and Diesel. Thanks for having us down!
Saturday was a great day for a BBQ. I managed to make myself trot to Rayners Lane, which was far north than I ever expected to be. A family BBQ went down a treat with The Cousins and we finished off the evening with a party at ours.

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