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Glasto 2011

I got back from Glastonbury last night, and what a great 6 days it was. It went by so quickly, and thank god I only have anothe 7 days before I head to Hungary to another great festival.
I have never been to Glastonbury before, so it really was a great experience. I volunteered with the Dance Stewards and had to work a few l;ate evening shifts which meant I mnissed, White Lies, BeyoncĂ©, Cold Play and  few headline DJ's but I managed to meet Sub Focus and steward his set, which was exciting.
Despite not being on foranother year, I am definately going to register for tickets. It is so big, you need to explore everywhere so really, the day is jut not enough. When finishing at 2am we headed to Shangra-La, whcih is a sketchy haven full of workshops, knooks and cranny's as well as dubstep and drum and bass. I have a lotr of photo's, which I will update you on soon.
Fashion wise, it seemed the Hunters were out in force with the Barbour jackets and the animal hats. I borrowed a friends Cat hat, which saved my life. Not washing your hair for 7 days makes you look like Nick Carter.

Anyway, whats new. Let me know your thoughts on any Glastonbury Headliners this year, the site and any issues you had. Only complaint I really had was there was too much drum and bass and dub-step. Dont get me wrong, I love a goof stomp but seriously - TOO MUCH.

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