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Despite being a fiend for a good read, I have not really posted about any magazines in a while. Tokion has always been a favourite of mine and apart from my local Newsie in W1 and The Tate Modern, I find it hard to find copies of the bi-monthly. This time round I have decided to spend my hard earned cash not on cider and Cosmopolitan’s, which are quite frankly full of the most predictable stories and ‘feel good’ articles on losing weight, nabbing ‘the one’ and booze Britain – but to try some new magazines which offer an insight into not only fashion but art, design and politics.

Firstly,. While scouring various fashion blogs I was enlightened to find Apartmento Magazine. I had seen a few issues previously but assumed it was like I-D with no articles, just portraits of models and artists. In fact it is an interesting read of some of the most influential people to walk in design and styling. I have always been intrigued as to how stylists manage to get their shoots and make a living in such a large market, where it’s a dog eat dog world. I have always felt the same about magazines, with so many independent writers and designers creating PDF magazines for the net fiends and using all savings to print bi-monthly copies of their recycled paper. First released in 2008, it is what i would call the ‘funkier’ and more ‘interesting’ version of Country Home – scrap that, it is not full of middle class nannies and polo players, but it does focus on interesting homes and living spaces with design solutions. It aims to shun the ostentatious and ├║ber-marketing of large homes and those within money but look into what really makes a home and its interior real.

Another magazine that I love to have a flick through is Tokion. It is a New York based magazine that takes influences from fashion, art and music in Japan and the UK. Many of the faces that have graced the cover include Marina from Marina and The Diamonds and Jarvis Cocker. I am in awe of its snappy articles and amazing styling on shoots, with heart-on sleeve exterior. The magazine which was set upin 1996 by Lucas Badtke-Berkow and Adam Glickman, two American expatriates living in Japan, is a fabulous read for any aspiring writer, stylist or designer.

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