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Wet and Muddy

I am off to Glastonbury tomorrow and I am so unorganised it is silly. I have no wellies - the ones I want below are only in size 6 online and it is too later to purchase so it looks like I will have to make do with some oversized green ones I found in the back of my car.

I have no idea what the weather will be like. I am looking forward to seeing Julio Bashmore on Thursday evening, my evening off. However, I will be missing the amazing Beyoncé on the last night due to being a tseward in the Drum and Bass tent.

Nevermind, I could have worse. Its been a hectic week and there has not been much going on apart from the gym, going our and Fathers day, which was lovely.

However, I am perving over this Max Mara cut out dress.

I also need to get one of thesse - will they sell them their? Hats are great for hiding greasy hair, tangles and also for keeping warm.

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