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Oh Land!

I am really banging on about this chick recently - OH Land. She is amazing. I am gutted i missed her at Glasto, which was a HUGE error but her album is fabulous and everyone is starting to oick her up - remixes in tow.

Source: The Organic Jam

Oh Land is a peculiar new cinematic electropop Dane who recently sailed across the sea to the artistic haven of Brooklyn, NY. With an opera singer for a mother, a theater organist for a father and Björk’s Homogenic on constant rotation, Oh Land was enraptured by the combination of experimental and classical arts. “My goal is to sound like I’m from 2050, but still feel really classic, like the music is an old friend,” said Oh Land. She spent her days pirouetting as a ballet dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy when an injury forced her to reinvent herself and discover her true talent and passion as a musician. Oh Land soon released her first album, Fauna, which garnered critical acclaim in her homeland of Denmark. Her soundscapes are lavish, crunchy, symphonic, brute and captivated with rhythms that fly apart. She translates the sounds live via her “contraption” – a homemade one-woman-band music box topped with balloon video projections (seeing is believing). Her music is for movement and new songs such as the thumping “Sun of a Gun” and euphoric “White Nights” have proven to make even the most portentous get up and dance. Having been discovered by Epic Records at 2009’s SXSW, she is currently putting the finishing touches on her US debut album and an EP to be released this fall. In anticipation for that release Oh Land also has a great run of remixes for her first single ‘Sun of a Gun’.

Balaton Sound Fetsival, Hungary 2011

So i am back from Hungary, what an amazing time I had. Hungary has some fantastic history as well as amazing architecture and some beautiful places to relax including the Turkish baths, which sadly for the second time I didn’t get to try out. The city is made up of Buda and Pest and again, we stayed at the fantastic Casa De La Musica in District 1V of the city. The hostel is run by Alex, who we met two years ago when we stayed at the old ballet school when we went to Balaton Sound in 2009. The hostel offers a range of outdoor activities including bike rides, canoeing and also now runs a bar and serves breakfast and dinner by a rather interesting French chap. The whole experience doesn’t feel like a hostel at all, it serves well and the staff are amazing.

Around the corner you can find many hidden gems including the Szimpla bar which now runs in Balaton and Berlin. The bar is a kitsch place that offers tagged walls, bathtubs and hanging bikes from the walls as well as random computer screens with jargon and keyboards that light up. It is a bit of a shambles and looks like an antique shop but at night the outdoor patio is lit up with lights, a cinema screen and beautiful lights. The hidden bar doesn’t look much from the outside but the derelict building is huge and offers many little cubby holes where you can sip on beer or cocktails. On our first night we stumbles across an amazing club, which i cannot remember the name of. Playing a wide range if dubstep, it was packed by 12 and for a Wednesday, I was impressed. The beer was around 400 Forint which is about £2 and after a couple of hours dancing we went back to the hostel, legs aching from all the -mud stepping

After a 2 hour sweaty but interesting trip from Budapest Déli station we arrived in Zámardi to a beautiful lake with the sounds of music from the festival. Sponsored by Henieken there was a great stage in the lake that played a range of European techno with playful antidotes including hammocks and volleyball. The main stages were filled with beer and bands as well as headliners such as Snoop Dog, Tiesto and Portishead. The only thing about the festival is that because of the heat you only really have the lake a a bit of shade, which we slept under every night. If you are looking for all the cosmetics you would get at Glastonbury or Bestival, this is not for you. The Festival is about the music and the lake, not the healing fields, comedy tents or cinema. The sunset and sunrise each day was incredible. Snuggling into my sleeping bag and donning my sleep mask, It was a beautiful experience every day to wake up to the sun beating on your face and the sound of Techno and House blaring from the T Mobile stage.

There was a little too much Techno, Villalobos didn’t do it for me despite me being a fan. He seems to faff around playing weird experimental stuff until he really lets into the bangers around 5 hours later. Luciano was a great mix of progressive house as well as Techno and minimal. The highlights of my weekend included Hercules and Love Affair on the main stage, Snoop Dog, Thievery Corporation and Keryáni, who was banging out some amazing summer anthems while the sun beat down on Sunday at the T Mobile stage. Next time – MORE HIP HOP and bands.

I have taken loads of photo's, so watch this space.

You can check out all of the photo's from this years festival on the official website.


Busy Week

My work kindly gave me a pair os free tickets to go and see Take That on Thursday, which was in fact a jolly good show. I am not a huge Take That fan and I am deffinately not a boyband lover but the quality of their performance was fantastic. The band opened the show with Patience, with only 4 of the members on stage, I was left wondering whether the reason I had been given the free tickets was because Robbie had left the band once again... Alas, the now tee-total singer ran onto the stage and filled the crowd with some of his greatest hits, including Let Me Entertain You and as always, Angels. After a brief chat  (or rather a singalong) with the audience, the 5 members rejoyced on the stage to sing songs from theitr album, Progress. I have not bought any of the bands 2 albums, and didnt see their Circus tour, however I was not left out in the cold when the band did renditions of their classic hits, 'Could it Be Magic?' and 'Do Whatcha Like' which are two songs my sister used to play all the time when I was younger (she also arrived with her army of 35 year old friends, boozed up and ready to let their hair down). I was 9 when Take That split up, so for me, the show was as any other performance, but for those mad fans it was as if jesus was walking on water.
Wembley Stadium was packed to the brim, with me being able to blag two seats in the middle tier directly opposite the stage, it was hard to see anything but the screen but with acrobats and a large robot that increased in size and stance during the show, i was taken aback by the quality of the production.

Passout at wimbledon

Friday I managed to get myself into Wimbledon, thanks to my friend being one reliable security guard. Henman Hill was packed to the brim with eager fans of Nadal and Murray mixing together with Pimms and sun. Chants of 'Come on Murray' got a bit tedious after 3 hours, as did the monkey feet gripping to the sil, trying not to fall down onto the picnic below me. It was a great day, me and James headed to court 18 to watch Schett, which was an intense but great game. Why is it that people care more about the men's finals instead of the women's?

This Wednesday I am off to Hungary for Balaton Sound, which I am really looking forward to. There are some great acts including Snoop Dog, Tiesto and Ricardo Villalobos. Not only will their be sun and Techno but those hungarians make a bloody good Goulash!