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Busy Week

My work kindly gave me a pair os free tickets to go and see Take That on Thursday, which was in fact a jolly good show. I am not a huge Take That fan and I am deffinately not a boyband lover but the quality of their performance was fantastic. The band opened the show with Patience, with only 4 of the members on stage, I was left wondering whether the reason I had been given the free tickets was because Robbie had left the band once again... Alas, the now tee-total singer ran onto the stage and filled the crowd with some of his greatest hits, including Let Me Entertain You and as always, Angels. After a brief chat  (or rather a singalong) with the audience, the 5 members rejoyced on the stage to sing songs from theitr album, Progress. I have not bought any of the bands 2 albums, and didnt see their Circus tour, however I was not left out in the cold when the band did renditions of their classic hits, 'Could it Be Magic?' and 'Do Whatcha Like' which are two songs my sister used to play all the time when I was younger (she also arrived with her army of 35 year old friends, boozed up and ready to let their hair down). I was 9 when Take That split up, so for me, the show was as any other performance, but for those mad fans it was as if jesus was walking on water.
Wembley Stadium was packed to the brim, with me being able to blag two seats in the middle tier directly opposite the stage, it was hard to see anything but the screen but with acrobats and a large robot that increased in size and stance during the show, i was taken aback by the quality of the production.

Passout at wimbledon

Friday I managed to get myself into Wimbledon, thanks to my friend being one reliable security guard. Henman Hill was packed to the brim with eager fans of Nadal and Murray mixing together with Pimms and sun. Chants of 'Come on Murray' got a bit tedious after 3 hours, as did the monkey feet gripping to the sil, trying not to fall down onto the picnic below me. It was a great day, me and James headed to court 18 to watch Schett, which was an intense but great game. Why is it that people care more about the men's finals instead of the women's?

This Wednesday I am off to Hungary for Balaton Sound, which I am really looking forward to. There are some great acts including Snoop Dog, Tiesto and Ricardo Villalobos. Not only will their be sun and Techno but those hungarians make a bloody good Goulash!

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