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Queen of Hearts - EP Launch, The Lexington

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Queen of Hearts EP launch, which was filled with the very best of Electro Pop. Something of a fashionista as well, the Queen donned a fantastic outfit, courtesy of fantastic styling by Oliver Vaughn. A collected, poised and very seductive Queen of Hearts wowed the packed venue, The Lexington, with songs of her EP, ‘The Arrival’, which is a fantastic title for someone who is definitely one to watch!

With songs written by Grammy Award winning Stuart Price, who has also written songs for the likes of The Killers, Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani, the songs were perfected with an undertone of dub and electronica. The Highlight of my evening was Freestyle, which can be heard here. Definately a tune you can listen to when getting ready to go out, having a drink with friends in a bar – basically, a perfect pop electro tune that is catchy, funky and sexy.
Dueting with Monarchy at this year’s Coachella festival in the US, Queen of Hearts bought her superstar presence to that small little venue in Islington, with a polished performances joined with her ‘creatures’’ on stage, who were dancers with skulls, her elegant hand movements and swaying of the hips reminded me of the amazing Alison Goldfrapp.
One thing that stood out for me was the fantastic outfit, which was designed by Katrina Ferrari. The shoulder piece by Ada Zanditon, needed a stage for itself! Showcasing at London Fashion Week, I will be eager to see what she has to offer with her biomimicry clothing.

Keep your eyes peeled for Queen of Hearts. Popjustice has already declared it’s love for the Queen, and I am right behind them.


Daisy Lowe- Playboy

Amazing shoot with Daisy Lowe for Playboy. Love that she has the guts to do this. If i had her body, i would too. Love it.


Hannah Makes Things...

Both £6 from Hannahmakesthings.com

I have not updated in ages, not about fashion anyway, but I have been seeing Hannah's creations everywhere, and I really want to get my hands on some of these cute little pieces.

I will be reviewing some comedy in the coming months. I am off to see Tim Michin in September and Micky Flanagan, as well as Katy B and Britney Spears. (Yeah, alright...) but I am most looking forward to Bestival 2011. I have an idea of what my friends and I are going to be..but i don't want to find out you lot have stolen it, so it will be a suprise.

Check out Oh Land yet? If not do so. I am loving Metonomy's new album so that is also one for the ipod when you get a chance.

If you are in and around London over the coming weeks, check out Somerset House for it's classic film4 collection. Tickets are limited, but do not fear as head to Bow, East London and jump on a shuttle cinema on the canal. It is around £14 but moves when you watch classicals such as Labrinth.