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Greenwich Comedy Festival

Yesterday was the opening night of the Greenwich Comedy Festival. Set up in the lavish grounds of the Naval College, thousands of fans entered the big tent to see the fantastic Tim Michin. Warmed up by Dan Atkinson, who is a resident of the Sunday Special in Greenwich and also a writer for Russell Howards Big News, Atkinson had the crowd in fits with his witty and quick humour, using the audience and making reference to the looters of London and how one member of the audience is really ‘unemployable’ rather than ‘unemployed. He was also very charming, donning a grey suit which gave me references of the cast of Black Books.

Some of the jokes by Dan Antopolski, the Jewish comedian – which he made a bombing reference too, was a vert theatrical performer, with random antidotes of his wife he calls ‘Wi:Fi’ and his two children, who live with him in Brixton. Slightly funny, not really my sense of humour – I like crude, wit and sarcasm more than clean humour.

Tim Michin, never seen him before live but I was impressed with his musical hands – not to mention the couple in front of me who had obviously spent more nights in watching his DVD than being out, you know, having a social life. I would of loved to put them on the stage, would of got a few laughs..

Tim Key – reminded me of a guest at a wedding, the best man trying to get a few laughs from the in-laws, or a drunk who has just been jilted, wearing a suit, spilling beer down himself and reciting poetry from playing cards. The most random of the acts, he read: ‘Eva, wear those Wrangler Jeans...Eva,’ I didn’t quite get his humour for the first few recitals, however his randomness was intriguing and had me in fits.

Michin with his crazy hair, trademark eyeliner and dancing fingers was quite shocking with his references to ‘fucking the pope’ and a song about being Ginger, but overall the music was clever and his poetry made me chuckle, sometimes.

I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy the comedy evening. Sitting in an 1800 strong tent with chuckles from every corner, it was a great evening which made me feel warm inside.

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