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One Day

Last night I went to see One Day. Despite being an avid fan of the book, I went with open arms to embrace the film, which despite has had bad reviews I did enjoy...

Ok, so Hathaway’s accent is appalling, we all know that – it doesn’t really cut the mustard, however 30 minutes in you forget about the American twang and become more obsessed with how the film just doesn’t create the best moment of Emma and Dexter.

I found that while we glided through the 20 years, at an exceptional rate, key moments were missed that really did give Dexter that obnoxious and selfish attire, which we loved and also loathed in the book. Hathaway, despite being the wrong casting, I did grow to like and actually love towards the end of the film where the actors seem to fall into their characters more comfortably. Ian – a great casting for someone who in the book was always the down and out comedian who Emma could never love, was fantastic. His Essex accent and his mannerisms were exactly how I imagined him to be Suki, on the other hand – the Lock In presenter that Dex has a fling with, was more middle class socialite than London TV presenter. Despite some errors in the casting, there is no shadow of a doubt that lead man, Jim Sturgess was fantastic. The grief he portrayed when Emma dies was believable and was as intense as in the book. He had the confidence, slimy and immaturity of Dexter, which in the book was evident through his cocaine binges, late nights partying and attitude towards Emma as a sex object.Of course, we are always going to compare everything with the book – the accents, what they look like and how they act in the film, but one thing that did drop like a bomb as the fact that you couldn’t tell if the 2 of them were friends, or lovers.
In the book you can see how close they are, how Dexter depends on Emma and how despite their differences they are the best of friends with sincerity. The Film was too quick to move from when they met to how they became infatuated with each other in a sexual way, so that you didn’t really feel they were friends. They didn’t seem close and you wouldn’t assume they had been friends for 20 years. More work needed to be down grounding the two together, however despite a lot of criticism, i thought it did ok. I had years and i had laughs, exactly how the book made me feel.

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