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I must admit, work has taken over my life at the moment and I seem to be booking VIP seats for London and Paris Fashion Week - but not going myself!

I am off to Argentina in a month and did not predict how much flights would be. I am therefore selling a lot of clothing on Ebay. If you fancy sifting through what I may call vinatage, new and unused then please do. I will have them up over the weekend so do have a look. I have some KG shoes and Pucci sunglasses.

I went to Marks and Spencer today and it really suprised me. The Limited Collection has some fantastic coast, leggings and t-shirts that Urban Outfitters will be proud of. Check out some of the collection here. Reasonably priced too!

I need some new winter shows. I know , I know it is going to be an 'Indian Summer' but I dont think event London can dodge the rain and wind. I have my eyes on these items, wish list here I come - after my holiday, obviously!
I love the acne shoes after seeing them on Rosie from Made in Chelsea - check her fashion blog here.

I know they are Sprin 2010, but If i could find a similar pair of boots. They would look lovely!

Do you have any winter staples for London?

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meriam f said...

this is great post i love fashion it's in my blood really