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Britney Spears- The O2 Arena

Yesterday I went to see Britney Spears at the O2. Yes, I know what you are thinking – Sad! However, with these 90’’s flashbacks, regurgitated for us to lick up this year, it seems more of a novelty to go see those artists that you once adored – come to think about it, 14 years ago!

Britney – the ever once beautiful, energetic entertainer who was famed more for her abs than her songs, was one of my idols as a young girl. I went to her Oops I did It Again tour when I was around 14 and loved it. She had an explosive show and sang live for most of the performance- most I say...

Flash forward 10 years and she is at the O2 on her Femme Fatale tour, whimpering around on stage, tired, not in sync and ion fact, quite embarrassing. She is not sexy anymore (take a hint Madonna) and her limbs are flung around the stage by the help of her dancers. Now, I understand she has had a bad time (remember that crazy hair incident) and she gets a lot of stick from the press, but come on Brit – sing one song live and look like you are enjoying it. Knowing only 8 words from the English dictionary she bellows to the crowd- ‘London, Omg You are awesome. I love you!’ this, like Lana Del rey at the moment, was on repeat for the whole evening. She could of personalised the performance, which did get a little cringe when she got over personal with a ‘fan’ (crazy stooge who was at front of stage and ‘won’ a lap dance from Britney) on stage. Giving him a lap dance and wrapping her legs around his head, i didn’t quite imagine Britney needed that to sell her tour.

With Rihanna selling out all 10 of her O2 dates, it’s no wonder to see that these days it really is talent that cuts the mustard. Do not get me wrong, it was fun being in the O2 crowd dancing to some of the disco anthems that the gay audience love (being with 8 gay guys myself, who kept bellowing ’she is an angel;) it was good entertainment. If you are looking for a flashback of Britney when she was 19, its not going to happen. Gone are the crazy dance moves and the likeability factor of a pop princess and instead is an insecure, tired woman trying to cling on to her last minute of fame.

I doubt she will do another tour. I doubt i will go to it, but Britney despite being an absolute car crash – I do love you.


Katy B- Sheppards Bush Empire

One of my favourite venues in London for its intimate surroundings, Sheppard’s Bush Empire played host to Rinse Fm’s queen – Katy B.

Understandably one of the best female vocalists around – hailing from London and sticking to her roots, she wowed the crowd over with her energy and live band. Not hiding behind sexy dance routines or all in one suits, make up done with a shovel, Katy elegantly performed on stage in jeans and a jumper, proving it is all about the voice.

Rinse FM dj’s were out in force to warm the crowd up with P Money supporting, Dubstep and Grime – what a way to make an audience move! The live band played electric renditions of Lights On and Katy On A Mission as well as Magnetic Man’s Perfect Stranger. For a Tuesday, there was more energy in that room than there was on Friday night at Brixton Academy.

She is definitely one to watch, one of the few girls who doesn’t intimidate, could probably be one or your mates – she just IS too cool.


BFI Film Festival - reviews


Yesterday I went to go see Headhunters- the Norwegian thriller directed by Morten Tyldum, the film was a fast paced action thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Most films taken from books are deemed incomparable to the original form, however not speaking the language myself, I had nothing to fall back on. There is dark black Scandinavian humour in the 2 hour film, about a corporate recruiter, Roger,, who seems to have it all yet falls into art burglary to make the extra money to keep his wife, Diana in diamonds. What starts off as what seemed to be a bland movie about the relationships between an obnoxious, self righteous 30-something, turned out to be a thriller where in the end you had warmed to the cold, materialistic Headhunter who had once been the bully, not the victim.

At the opening of his wife’s new art gallery, Roger meets Clas Greve, a perfect candidate for his client, Pathfinder – who happens to be in possession of a rare and valuable piece of art. With what started out as a simple art raid – replacing the original with a copy, Roger embarks on an action packed ride when who he thought was just candidate for his recruitment firm, is actually someone who is out to ruin Roger, despite the remarkable coincidence’s.

A ludicrous story, which seems to quickly spin from introductions to characters to cars being thrown off cliffs and ‘tracking devices’ through hair follicles, that Georg Orwell in his book 1884 would of been proud of, it did get a little lost in the action and the plot seemed to get confusing. Despite the twists and turns in the plot, it was engaging and kept me e entertained throughout.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

The second film i went to see was: Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durkin’s which is an intense drama about a young woman who is trying to overcome her experiences within a religious cult in America, while trying to rebuild her relationship with her sister whom she did not speak to for 2 years. The plot is slow moving and the film itself is intense with awkward silences, flashbacks of abuse when she was in the cult, on the ‘farm’ and cringe worthy moments that never really explained anything. Despite the superb acting skills from Elizabeth Olsen, nothing really gets explained within the film and with an abrupt ending, you never really find out why she ended up there, why she left and what the next move is from being admitted to a psychiatric hospital – which you never really know she goes to.

I felt a little lost throughout the film and didn’t really know where it could go. Does it live up to the film festival hype – it was praised in Cannes, I don’t think it does. The cinematography by Jody Lee Lipes is beautiful and the moments of skinny dipping in the lake, the unromantic ‘cleansing’ where ‘Marcy’ loses her virginity to Patrick – all are still beautifully made and conjure no terror although it is very chilling. The storyline is not challenging and there are no twists and turns, but it does keep you engaged through the beauty of the shot.


Jaded - Bugged Out

Last Saturday was the fun fuelled and skinny jean wearing, Bugged Out 17th Birthday. Erol – who never seems to disapoint and Boys Noize who made sure their tunes were chanted packed the Cornet in SE London to the brim.

The epic venue of the Cornoet – an old theatre with more stairs you can shake stick at, offered a great atmosphere and an excellent couple of sets from some of the best artists in electronic music. Erol completely blew my mind with a remix of Metronomy’s The Bay - a great tune to throw your hands in the air at.

Following the energizing sets which accompanied a very hyped crowd, Jaded at London’s Cable was the next stop for a warm down with the soulful and lovely Raymundo who makes any morning, a Jaded morning. Despite rolling out the club at 11am and having been on my feet for 12 hours, the warm feeling inside from Thugfucker’s ‘Disco Gnome stayed with me all weekend.

The thing is about Jaded – people who go there are not the people who go their to cause trouble, stay out for the sake of staying out or enjoy licking walls in a safe environment. Everyone that goes attends for the music. The door’s when they open remind me of the moment when in The Secret Garden, all is revealed. Taking my small steps out my wheelchair after being bedbound for the last 4 years, I am able to touch those cobbles and step ever so softly to the morning tunes. You see the same faces, hear the same songs and enjoy moving about the not so busy room,. Which is so simple yet is a haven for those who come to two step. The bar staff are friendly, the cloakroom staff are happy to see you and you can have a reasonable conversation with the bouncers outside. The smoking area is full of chit chat and there is no rush to do anything. If you are looking for a place to sit down, relax with a cocktail and have a chat while you enjoy the spins, do so. Jaded is that sort of magical place. Only when the daylight outside breaks and the birds start cheeping, then you realise, perhaps its time to go home. Around 12 noon the crowds leave and the dance floor empties but the feeling of leaving the warm womb of jaded stays, all the way to your bed.

I have got up at 6am once and headed to jaded for a good 6 hours of fun. I think going when you have just woken up does not have the same effect as you realise you need to embrace the Jaded moment after you have been out. One person will say ‘Jaded?’ another will smile ‘Jaded? And before you know it a select few will enter the dream.
One tune that has had me going mental while in my room recently is Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix). Another tune I am sure I can see myself stepping too while the sun rises.


LAZY OAF - 10th Birthday

Last night I headed down to Lady Oa'f 10th Birthday party at CAMP, east London. The venue was literally like a small kiddie's party with amazing choices of chocolates, drinks and tatoo's to keep us entertained.

Rubbing shoulders with the fashion blogger's and some of London's fionest skinny jeans, I was having a field day with the amazing Burger Choclatees, complimentary from  We are Reightons. They are a struggle to eat, but god are they worth it!

WAH! Nails were in force to create some great talons, which are making my day as i type this...arts and crafts, tatoos and not to mention a Say Fromage Photobooth, which was one of my highlights.


Cox and Cox

While i live with boys and I love it, dont get me wrong - endless fun on the xbox and a lot of banter to get you by, it sometimes dawns on me that someitmes you need to have a female touch when you live in a house. Me and my flatmate are constantly cleaning up after them, you wouldnt think they are 26!

Anyway, while looking at some interesting blogs today, I found Cox and Cox. A great site dedicated to homeware, and is a favourite of UKTV's home channel.

Beautiful items to make your home look fresh and light. Something that Xbox's and pint glasses just do not do.

Window stickets- £12.50

carved wings- £35.00

Lazy Oaf

This week I am off to the Lazy Oaf's 10th Birthday party, courtesy of Miss Kaur.

If you have not checked what fantastic t-shorts and other items they have available, you can do so here. I am going to be expecting a lot of cider and a photobooth- what a great combination!

This saturday I am heading to Marco Pierre's restaurant and grill on Kings Road, which I am looking forward to as I have yet to taste some great steak in London. I am heading to Argentina in November so hoping I will eat as much as I can their. After dinner we are heading to the Bluebird Café in Chelsea so my mum can be pampered on her birthday.