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Britney Spears- The O2 Arena

Yesterday I went to see Britney Spears at the O2. Yes, I know what you are thinking – Sad! However, with these 90’’s flashbacks, regurgitated for us to lick up this year, it seems more of a novelty to go see those artists that you once adored – come to think about it, 14 years ago!

Britney – the ever once beautiful, energetic entertainer who was famed more for her abs than her songs, was one of my idols as a young girl. I went to her Oops I did It Again tour when I was around 14 and loved it. She had an explosive show and sang live for most of the performance- most I say...

Flash forward 10 years and she is at the O2 on her Femme Fatale tour, whimpering around on stage, tired, not in sync and ion fact, quite embarrassing. She is not sexy anymore (take a hint Madonna) and her limbs are flung around the stage by the help of her dancers. Now, I understand she has had a bad time (remember that crazy hair incident) and she gets a lot of stick from the press, but come on Brit – sing one song live and look like you are enjoying it. Knowing only 8 words from the English dictionary she bellows to the crowd- ‘London, Omg You are awesome. I love you!’ this, like Lana Del rey at the moment, was on repeat for the whole evening. She could of personalised the performance, which did get a little cringe when she got over personal with a ‘fan’ (crazy stooge who was at front of stage and ‘won’ a lap dance from Britney) on stage. Giving him a lap dance and wrapping her legs around his head, i didn’t quite imagine Britney needed that to sell her tour.

With Rihanna selling out all 10 of her O2 dates, it’s no wonder to see that these days it really is talent that cuts the mustard. Do not get me wrong, it was fun being in the O2 crowd dancing to some of the disco anthems that the gay audience love (being with 8 gay guys myself, who kept bellowing ’she is an angel;) it was good entertainment. If you are looking for a flashback of Britney when she was 19, its not going to happen. Gone are the crazy dance moves and the likeability factor of a pop princess and instead is an insecure, tired woman trying to cling on to her last minute of fame.

I doubt she will do another tour. I doubt i will go to it, but Britney despite being an absolute car crash – I do love you.

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