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Jaded - Bugged Out

Last Saturday was the fun fuelled and skinny jean wearing, Bugged Out 17th Birthday. Erol – who never seems to disapoint and Boys Noize who made sure their tunes were chanted packed the Cornet in SE London to the brim.

The epic venue of the Cornoet – an old theatre with more stairs you can shake stick at, offered a great atmosphere and an excellent couple of sets from some of the best artists in electronic music. Erol completely blew my mind with a remix of Metronomy’s The Bay - a great tune to throw your hands in the air at.

Following the energizing sets which accompanied a very hyped crowd, Jaded at London’s Cable was the next stop for a warm down with the soulful and lovely Raymundo who makes any morning, a Jaded morning. Despite rolling out the club at 11am and having been on my feet for 12 hours, the warm feeling inside from Thugfucker’s ‘Disco Gnome stayed with me all weekend.

The thing is about Jaded – people who go there are not the people who go their to cause trouble, stay out for the sake of staying out or enjoy licking walls in a safe environment. Everyone that goes attends for the music. The door’s when they open remind me of the moment when in The Secret Garden, all is revealed. Taking my small steps out my wheelchair after being bedbound for the last 4 years, I am able to touch those cobbles and step ever so softly to the morning tunes. You see the same faces, hear the same songs and enjoy moving about the not so busy room,. Which is so simple yet is a haven for those who come to two step. The bar staff are friendly, the cloakroom staff are happy to see you and you can have a reasonable conversation with the bouncers outside. The smoking area is full of chit chat and there is no rush to do anything. If you are looking for a place to sit down, relax with a cocktail and have a chat while you enjoy the spins, do so. Jaded is that sort of magical place. Only when the daylight outside breaks and the birds start cheeping, then you realise, perhaps its time to go home. Around 12 noon the crowds leave and the dance floor empties but the feeling of leaving the warm womb of jaded stays, all the way to your bed.

I have got up at 6am once and headed to jaded for a good 6 hours of fun. I think going when you have just woken up does not have the same effect as you realise you need to embrace the Jaded moment after you have been out. One person will say ‘Jaded?’ another will smile ‘Jaded? And before you know it a select few will enter the dream.
One tune that has had me going mental while in my room recently is Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix). Another tune I am sure I can see myself stepping too while the sun rises.

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