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Away for 2 weeks!

I have been awol lately - work has started to take over my life and the last thing I want to do when i get home is sit in front of the computer (no offence guys!) But alas - I have a new camera. PC World have helped be savour the holiday where out of 5 people, no one had a camera. Now, 2 days before I fly I have one and I cannot wait to start snapping all the street art, colours, random stuff all around Argentina.

I fly on Thursday and after more than 8 hours in Madrid, I need to kill the time so will be heading out and about before we catch our connecting. Things I deffinately reccomend for long haul flights -

-Eye mask (no one likes to be gauped at)
- Book
-Mints (its been 12 hours...)
-Face wipes
-Lipstick (forget the make up, just have a great mouth!)

I do not know what to expect in regards to fashion, music or anything really. I understand that I will be going to Creamfields, so yes, Liverpool, it will be a festival however what will the town be like, what will the people be like?

This is my first mission abroad with friends that has not been a mini european adventure and I cannot wait. I will be sure to keep you all updated with some interesting photo's on my return. In the meantime, check out some wants for this Christmas. Despite running away for 2 weeks for a hot holiday, I love walking out of work down Oxford Street and get that warm feeling - espcially around Hamleys!

ASOS - yum!

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looks like wooden made.....love it:)))

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