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Streatham - save it!

Most people think Streatham is somewhat of a ‘ghetto; with no prospects and an area of deprivation. As with all South West areas of London, it is given a bad name and because it has no tube or boys shuffling around in skinny jeans, it is seen as an area of low aspiration. I am a fond believe of Streatham, Moving to the borough a year ago, i was excited to move to a suburban area with a great sense of community. Living close to the common which hosts the Streatham Festival, Circus and also Farmers market was a great place to live. I had lived by a common for 4 years while at university and living in London it can get extremely hectic at times walking around those paved streets, and when we had our heat weave ion October, it was a delight laying on the common.
Plans to split the 4 areas of Streatham, into different constituency not only breaks the spirit of Streatham but now allows for other boroughs to change religious activities which the council have worked hard to maintain within the area. Some may say, Streatham, has improved over the years, as like Brixton into an interesting and vibrant area. Streatham High Road has some amazing shops, cafés and bars with some interesting Lebanese and Spanish restaurants. Streatham Common has great pubs, outdoor activities and with his neighbouring Gipsy Hill and Tooting, it is becoming an area where property buyers are laying down their first payments.
Streatham Hill is planned to become part of the Clapham constituency – does this mean an increase in house prices and cost of ;living? To have the ;’privileged’ of being part of that area means more focus on making it up and coming rather than supporting the needs of the residents. Streatham has always had its bad rap in the past and recently their seems to have been a bar lifted in the attitude of the area. Its become a place where residents have enjoyed being part of the community and have got involved working with each other to create a suburban life.
I have signed the petition to stop Streatham Common becoming part of Mitcham, which is a borough south of the area. Mitcham’s needed are different to Streatham’s and voting for a chancellor who doesn’t appreciate the differences between the two boroughs means Streatham will lose out. Think of East London trying to buy out West – it just doesn’t work. Each area has it’s identity and it needs to stay.

Save Our Streatham Petition | GoPetition

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