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The Maccabees - Brixton Academy 27th January 2012

Review of Maccabee's 27th Jan show in London

I have just returned from yet another amazing Maccabee's gig. The first date of their London shows, Brixton Academy was heaving with fans. I thought from previous experience, that being at the front of the Maccabee's gig would be fine - it would be a great gig to stand and watch. How wrong i was! The crowd leapt up and threw themselves into the music, with what can only be described as a mosh in front of my eyes.
The band opened with the intro to their new album 'Given to the Wild' which was calm and collected, followed by raging drums and guitar's taking us through a journey of new and old. The first live performances on their new tracks - including Child and Pelican had the crowd hyped from start to end, obviously dedicated fans with the album only being out a couple of weeks.
The golden oldies which everyone loves including; X Ray, Can You give It and No kind Words were the three that stood out for me. orlando, a calm if not shy member of the band, tested the audience with his soothing vocals with an exstatic Felix being unable to contain himself while he watched the crowd chant lyrics to their songs.
While performing, you can see the band true en joy what they do. Smiles and personal acknowledgments of eachother didn't go a miss and with Orlando mouthing to Felix during a guitar solo - 'fuck' - it is true to say that these boys never imagined what success they would have.
With a new date added at Alexandra Palace on the 8th June, this band have gone from selling out cricket venues in Eastbourne to Brixton and now 10,000 capacity, Ally Pally.
Following in the footsteps of Bombay Bicycle club who also started off in the smaller venues, growing as their albums matured, the Maccabee's new album shows progress from a bunch of songs from their first album to a more organic and raw 3rd album.

Rupert, probably one of the band members who is least in the lime light, was amazed by the crowd. He took a moment to pause, sing a long to the song 'No Kind Words' and reflect - look where we have come'

Hugging on stage and closing with the 'First Love' it was a high for the band who have still got the same followers since their first album Color It In.
missing the after party where they were set to DJ i am a little gutted as i know this band, despite how big they will get they will still always drink in Camberwell, have the same friends and still enjoy playing Brixton Academy.

Nice one boys, you are amazing.

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