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The Maccabee's - Given To The Wile (Album Review)

So the Maccabee’s have finally released their long awaited third album. The first who are pretty hard to live up to, especially Color It In – an amazing debut from the Birghton band. I am a huge fan and love nothing more than the wispy vocals fromn lead singer, Orlando Weeks.

The band have always impressed my ears with their quirky synths and riveting rifts. After seeing them around 3 yesrs ago at the NME tour, it was one of the best gigs I had been too – closely followed by their main stage antics at Bestival last year.

Hyped, the new album ‘Given to the Wild’ it is a studio album that has taken over 2 years to complete. Spotted drinking in the local pubs around Camberwell and Brixton, the band are not fazed by their success – they are accessible and are a likeable bunch.

Pelican – the first single off the album is a joyous mix of elegant song writing mixed with ambitious drums. The intro is by far the most beautiful [part of the bum – it fits in nicely, opening what can only be described as a choir sound to the ears. The only thing about the Maccabee’s is that sometimes their tunes can become a little repetitive with the same structure and finishing on a high abrupt end.

Those who have been avid fans of the band will know that Toothpaste Kisses, X-Ray and Can you Give It are songs that are hard to follow up to. This album is more mature, and despite being an adult sound it does lack the Maccabee’s spirit in some of the tracks midway through the album.
On the whole, they have not waited the last few years. Songwriters and musicians, this is a fabulous album that for any Maccabee fan they will love/ Just remember where they came from, its hyped up a lot – i suggest giving their old albums a listen to see how far they have come

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