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Oh no - Ebay is back in my life. After about 3 years of messing around with credit cards, bank accounts and various logins I have now got an ebay account that works.

I spent 3 hours last night looking at items which I needed (wanted) at a cheaper price. I have just bought these beauties and I am rather chuffed with my purchased - total under £18!

Rosie Fortescue is a massive fan of these leather studded gloves. I was going to try and do them myself, but I found some on ebay for £3.99 and although they will make me look like an Emo at a Bowling For Soup concert, I am sure with the right coat and fresh nails (with my 25 piece Nail pen set!) It will look more demure - I hope.


A'la rosie Fortesue.

BOING! by Benfit was another bargain at £1.63! I was going to buy the 'industrial' concealer for £18 when I got paid, but when you get one for cheap (probably off the back of a lorry..) it makes your day.

Concious decisions to buy things i actually need/want and are in partiular staple pices, are what I need to buy!

If only Jerffery Cambell studded shoes were available on Ebay.

Fashion Philosophy -thanks for the photo.

If only I could do these myself...

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