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I am leaving Lambeth, London and becoming part of the Hackney collective. In come the skinny jeans, baskets on bikes and bleached ends (shit, i got that already..) to fit in with the E5 residents.
So i am moving. Very quick indeed and now I am a resident in the Power House which is located just off chatsworth road. Anyone know of any good blogs or any places which I can investigate this weekend?

Missing Streatham already and I have not even left yet. We now have 2 houses- 1 in SW London with boys and 1 in NE with girls. Living with boys for the last year has been great and is so easy. I will not miss the washing up or the constant moaning from me about it. What i will miss is the banter, easy boy conversation and the ease of what boys have.
Who knows, we may even find some lovely lads to take a room in a few months. For now, let me know what you know about Hackey. Where do u start?


Breakspoll 2012

With Techno and skinny jeans taking over the majority of London's club's these days, its not surprising that the masses come from far and wide to witness the best in breaks combat those shufflers.  Taking a step back in time -2011, when Breakspoll, the annual Breakbeat awards, came to london's Cable nightclub. Sold out tickets within hours and a re-release for increased demand, breaks really was holding it's own with sets bu Elite Force and Slyde - two whom are my favourite in Breaks. Of course, the legend that is Krafty kutz kept his fans happy with the main room impossible to move through due to an epic overload of fists in air and legs all spangly - it was nice to see movement.

cable again hosts the awards this year with sets from A-Skillz,Freestylers,  Ed Solo and Rennie Pilgrim to name a few. For those who have followed suit and abandoned breaks in favour of the more stylish house or techno beats, turned there back on the genre referring to it none other than 'Dead'. far from it, selling out again in 2012 with a demand of more on the door, breaks certainly are not dead.  Moving from Fabric to Cable gives the event a more 'underground' feel, with more cracks and alleys you can shake a stick at.

Winning best album last year, Krtafty Kuts absolutely smashed the main room. Elite Force was my personal favourite, bouncy and funky with dub step and trance influences. Breaks artists have matured in their music, using samples of other genre's to keep the fans interested and also to become more mainstream. Like Krafty Kuts explains' Breaks is music that everyone likes, it has always been there- but people just wont admit it'.

I went down last year and managed to review the night - which is here. I got a lovely response from Elite Force who loved the feed. This year let's see who I can grab a chat with!

Voting has now closed for the event- for those who did votem, you make a difference! Tickets are £10 in advance and more on the door.

For those of you who didn't make 2012 - check out the video below.

Breakspoll 2011 OFFICIAL VIDEO from Jim Breakspoll on Vimeo.


Valentines Cakes

It again has been a while. With Valentines day popping around the corner, why not tell the one you fancy exactly how you feel (minus the love)

available from Maiden, which is on Shoreditch High Street - these will be available from 10-14th February.

Hurry though as last year they sold out quicky, thanks to the amazing Hackney bakery, Cakey Muto.

If you cannot make it to Hackney, try central where Cox Cookies and Cake are always offering some naughty treats in the seedy part of soho.