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I am leaving Lambeth, London and becoming part of the Hackney collective. In come the skinny jeans, baskets on bikes and bleached ends (shit, i got that already..) to fit in with the E5 residents.
So i am moving. Very quick indeed and now I am a resident in the Power House which is located just off chatsworth road. Anyone know of any good blogs or any places which I can investigate this weekend?

Missing Streatham already and I have not even left yet. We now have 2 houses- 1 in SW London with boys and 1 in NE with girls. Living with boys for the last year has been great and is so easy. I will not miss the washing up or the constant moaning from me about it. What i will miss is the banter, easy boy conversation and the ease of what boys have.
Who knows, we may even find some lovely lads to take a room in a few months. For now, let me know what you know about Hackey. Where do u start?

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