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I had never heard of Boy London - the clothing label, till I saw Rihanna strutting around in some pretty cool leggings in her You Da One video.

The label, which is based in London (duh!) has been a hit for the last 2 decades with Boy George being one of the unlikely, but interesting models to date. The label is pretty basic - only selling T shirts, coats and at a push jumpers. Sometimes there are some exciting newgarms which you can get your hands on, but at a price!

The label which states' you are what you wear' is popular amongst the Londoner's in East with opening's of new stocklists and parties in some of the dingy basements Hackney has to offer.

I love some of the posters from previous adverts.


Easter Weekend

So Easter weekend has been and gone already - how is it already the middle of April? I can remember blogging about homemade Christmas decorations and how to wear your new season must haves! It has all gone pete tong in here. Well, in Hackney it has. I have been taken in by the markets, food and the bikes. I now cycle everywhere and find going 'West' or 'South' the most horrid thought. Not that I am a skinny jean snob now - I am just lazy. It has everything I want where I lives...Music, booze, boys, brilliant shops with cats and parrotts and also some pretty nice cycle routes. Did i mention boys?

Anyway I actually ventured down south to Brixton Club House to see the epic, Norman Jay spin some tunes on the roof terrace. Not the best weather for an Easter Sunday, however good company made up for it. An eclectic array of jazz, soul, dub and some blues it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon. When the sun went in, so did the pleasantries and out came the house and techno.

For those who did stick east Adam Beyer did a 6 hour set in a 'secret location' - anyone go?

Today has been a long day. I am teaching, trying to fit into the pack of wolves in east as well as hold down a full time job. When did living get so stressfull? Thinking of packing it all in and becoming a nun.