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I was thinking today while flicking through my Ipod, where the hell did Cajun Dance Party go?...

I was a bit of a geek fan - was it right to love a band that were around 15 years old? Well, whatever, I loved their catchy songs such as 'Amalyse' and 'Colourful Life'. Lyrics such as 'We need a catalyst..' I mean what the hell were they singing about? 'We will swim through the fields of hay'..but i loved them all the same.
Bigged up by other local London bands and up and coming 'indie' revolutions, I was chuffed when I got their album on my cd which I burnt and cruised around Hampshire thinking I was really alternative (i totally wasn't).

They have now dissapeared? Is it because they were disgustingly middle class and perhaps mummy and daddy asked them to 'think about the future' and go to university? Did they have a band tiff?, or did they just decided  enough is enough?

I have been thinking about bands I used to listen to all the time and wil old bands such as Steps, Liberty X to name a few crawling out of the woodwork to cling onto some last minute 15 minutes of fame - I got a bit reminisant and listened to a few albums on my Ipod that I had totally forgot about. Now I dont know about you, but everyone has at least one RNB album which they wouldn't dare admit they smooched too or grinded too at the under 18's disco , or that Eminem album which you know every lyric to? I have found those abums that i absolutely loved and had memories for me.

Aalyiah - More Than A Woman
Probably one of the best albums I ever bought from a female solo artists. I wasn't big on Mariah or Whitney - I loved pretending to be Aalyiah like in Romeo Must Die (cringe)

Destiny's Child - Writings on The Wall
Bills Bills Bills and Say My Name bellowing out from the tape player in GCSE art with the boys moaning that they couldnt put their Slipknot album on. I remember i adopted the croydon face lift while parading around the school playground, Kelly Rowland style.

Justin Timberlake - Justified
Another crooner when you think about it. 'Like I love You' was one of the best party tunes I think us girls played. We loved seeing the boys try and match Trousersnake's bops and oh my god, Pharell Williams? Now that was cool.

Foals - EP
I remember randomly finding out that Foals were behind an advert I had seeb - can't remember the life of me what it was... but anyway, saw them a couple of times in portsmouth and met them. I also stalked the shit out of them and used to message them on Myspace - Yannis replied and when I saw him at a gig we chatted and had a photo. He really is the harriest man I have ever seen. Where the fuck did they go? All these bands jog on overseas but forget about those who loved them when they released their EP. Cassisus is one tune that is epic for 2007- It reminds me of moshing in the Wedgewood Rooms.

Missy Elliot -This Is not  Test
Getting drunk on Lambrini and running riot on the streets of my area with my girl mates bsuting out moves to this tune in the park. Oh god, we were so cool...


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Beauty Buys

Ok so as summer is fast approaching I have been trying to preen the body to make sure I am feeling my best when out and about in Hungary later next month.
So with age issues hitting me hard recently (..I feel I have more wrinkles than when I was 23 and my skin feels like leather) I decided I needed to intervene and find a great product that; reduced pores, tightness and made my skin feel amazing.
I have always been a Boots junkie and never really washed my face... (gross right?) but i find my skin is relatively OK - i dont need to buy any expensive products because I am not a heavy smoker but I am one to drink lots and get only a few hours of sleep.

So I ventured onto beauty blogs and have since brought these two babies into my life:

The Pore Professional - Benefit (£22.75)

So this is a great primer to use before you put on the foundation - I always thought matt make up was best, but after seeing how cakey my skin looks, I have decided that a more dewy look is my way forward. I put this onto my skin ( a pea size amount is fine!) and it feels like silk. I only need a little bit of foundation after, as it smoothes out my skin tone and dry areas. When I wore it, my friends said that my skin tone was even and that i looked natural. Finish or mix with some highlighter  as well, it really does make you look fresh faced.

If you are a fan of Made in Chelsea like I am, you will also be in awe of how amazing Mill's skin is right? Not only does she have amazing clothes byut she looks after her skin. Her beauty regime involves the amazing facial washes and serum's from Dr Manuka. This range used bee venom to take away purities on the kins surface, deep cleanse and also even out skin tone. I have never used a face wash that doesnt make my skin feel tight afterwards. This makes my skin feel fresh, smooth and it glows. Its priced at £16.50 for the bottle, but you only need a small pump and it goes far.

With festival season coming up I want to try and get a natural look, with some tinted moisturiser. I am not a fan of Benefit, you Rebal because it tends to cling to my dry areas. Does anyone have any good reccomendations?

Caroline Flack (I love her hair!) has been names the face of the new Mascarathon product from Benefit. Check out how amazing she looks.

I have not been on here in ages. Hackney Hipsters is taking over my life at the moment - it's a random blog of what me and my housemate get up to in our home of Clapton. It's pretty funny if you dont mind us chatting absolute shit.
Anyway, fashion wise-  the bank has not allowed me to go spending around on my lunch breaks anymore. Intsead I have succumed to online shopping. I am now the proud owner of some Puma high tops. Who the hell thought buying trainers was such an ordeal?
I can't decide whether I look like a dick or a twat.

Anyway, how is already May? One month till Hackney Weekender and less than 2 till Balaton Sound. YES SUMMER.