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Hackney Weekender

Hackney Weeknder has been and gone - my god, what a dream it was! I went on the Saturday where I literally died when JayZ took to the stage. I wouldn't say I am a 'huge' fan but I respect what he does, a lot. His stage presence was ridiculous and Kayne - well- Kanye didnt dissapoint as well.

The Festival itself was full of all types of crowds - a lot of famous people trying to catch a couple of acts while they waited to take to the stage themselves... Emeli Sandé was chilling with friends at Nicki Minaj, trying to hide her quiff...Matt Smith, the Doctor Who actor, was chatting to me by the men's toilets (which was my one moan of the day - too many women and not enough toilets!) and Mark Wright saigned breasts and generally mooched about like a complete tool, while bellowing' who wants my photo' - fuck off mate!

The vibe at the weekend was good. I know a lot of pressure was put on police and the community to make sure it was a safe environment. There was no trouble my end - the crowds were friendly and didnt really kick off at all.

Gutted I missed Sean Paul but Jay Z had to be the winner.


Trade School Class by Me!

Fancy getting some tuition for free?

Come down to see me on the 8th July in Canning Town. In exchange for knowledge, bring some items I may like.

This class will be on Textual Analysis. Think: magazine covers, articles, semiotics, feminism...



Miike Snow - Brixton Academy 31st May 2012

Maybe I am used to going to gigs and getting run of the mill set-lists which offer the well known track at the end, with an encor that offers their firstr ever single or the new music.
I have always been a fan of Miike Snow, but not enough to follow them religiously through the evolutions of music. There are bands I like and bands I follow (Bombay, The Maccabees, Two Door Cinema..) but I have a lot of respect for Miike Snow.

Playing at Brixton Academy to a mixed yet interesting crowd, I wasn't overally excited by the presence of the band on stage. I mean, where was the small chit chat -'I love London' bullshit bands usually scream from their voices? There was no introduction, no relationship with the audience. I felt like they had a list of songs to tick off and they were cutting the majority of the (good) songs in half so they could fit them all in. I am a massive ran of Cult Logic and Black and Blue - which was played mid-set and cut off half way. The one thing I did enjoy was the lighting performance. I think I tapped my food a couple of times...

Not one to really slate bands, but it wasn't the best performance I have seen from a band. I didnt know who they were, what they did and the lead singer looked like he had been on a jog before singing his heart out. His vocals were clear, which was a bonus, but his stage presence wasn't that of any lead singer I had ever seen.
Dont get me wrong, I love the music and I still listen to 'Animal' on a daily basis, however with these bands that can actually play guitar, bass, drums and everything inbetween - keyboards just dont cut it for me. I could stand up for an hour and do that!

Maccabee's next week at Alexandra Palace. Maybe I am biased (i adore them) but after their amazing Brixton show, I dont know how they can get any better.