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Miike Snow - Brixton Academy 31st May 2012

Maybe I am used to going to gigs and getting run of the mill set-lists which offer the well known track at the end, with an encor that offers their firstr ever single or the new music.
I have always been a fan of Miike Snow, but not enough to follow them religiously through the evolutions of music. There are bands I like and bands I follow (Bombay, The Maccabees, Two Door Cinema..) but I have a lot of respect for Miike Snow.

Playing at Brixton Academy to a mixed yet interesting crowd, I wasn't overally excited by the presence of the band on stage. I mean, where was the small chit chat -'I love London' bullshit bands usually scream from their voices? There was no introduction, no relationship with the audience. I felt like they had a list of songs to tick off and they were cutting the majority of the (good) songs in half so they could fit them all in. I am a massive ran of Cult Logic and Black and Blue - which was played mid-set and cut off half way. The one thing I did enjoy was the lighting performance. I think I tapped my food a couple of times...

Not one to really slate bands, but it wasn't the best performance I have seen from a band. I didnt know who they were, what they did and the lead singer looked like he had been on a jog before singing his heart out. His vocals were clear, which was a bonus, but his stage presence wasn't that of any lead singer I had ever seen.
Dont get me wrong, I love the music and I still listen to 'Animal' on a daily basis, however with these bands that can actually play guitar, bass, drums and everything inbetween - keyboards just dont cut it for me. I could stand up for an hour and do that!

Maccabee's next week at Alexandra Palace. Maybe I am biased (i adore them) but after their amazing Brixton show, I dont know how they can get any better.

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