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SGP - Wonderland

Secret Garden Party - what a magcial place. I was elated when I came back to the UK after a week away in Hungary, to the amazing Balaton Sound. I love Techno, house and all in between but for me, a festival is all about where you can 'sketch'about and meet some interesting new people.
Setting off on Thursday we arrived in the garden where rain fall had created a mud bath. Not one to moan about camping in the rain - especially in a 10 man tent, we managed to get by the next few days (worse for wear) not falling into the mud at all.
Ducklings laying in the mud, knickers hanging on a line in the woods, a circle of bamboo which had a piano in the middle, a coffin shop, a ball pit in a tent and best of all a giant fox made of out hay. Walking around the grounds in Cambridge was one of the best adventures. I couldn't tell you who I saw - except for a skecthyg Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea and Dane Bowers - wtf'?!!.
I did see Little Draggon and Justin Martin at the Pagoda although I couldnt tell you any more.

In a nutshell it was one of the best festivals I have ever been too.Bestival move over (too many people, too big and a mission getting around) SGP you delighted me.

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