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Zed Bias- FEEL GOOD Tee's

Ok so recently, comeback's have been the forefront of new branding. I feel anyway. Come one- The Spice Girls have a new West End show (heaven forbid!) and what with the boy bands clinging onto every last hope they have in a Take That stadium tour - it's actually quite sickening.

I admit I was once a mad Spice Girl fan, collecting the photo's and stickers, however as soon as I hit 13 music to my ears became MC's with garage. Local nights at the U18 clubs in were filled with Nike Air Max trainers, white mini skirts and lollipops. DJ Luck and MC Neat were regulars on the scene, and Oxide and Neutrino would be smoking a spliff on the balacony before their set. Garage for me was what Trance was for people in the 90's and what bleach was for Madonna in the 80's. Filled with cheesy lyrics, a predictable beat and dance to match - it was in my eyes, the best time I have ever had with music.
Don't get me wrong, I am an all rounder. I like anything from Muse to radio2, however Garage will always play a huge part in memories for me being a young teenager growing up too fast.

Carnival every year embraces music of an era - Good Times Stage is a place where the two steppers come together with the finger pointer ravers and music brings everyone together in one big street party. One show I really am looking forward to is that of Zed Bias who will be dropping the FEEL GOOD tee's this summer in conjunction with the re-release of Neighborhood with MC Rumpus.  Secret Garden Party was embracing the grarage tunes this year - if all new producers were honest on the techno and house scene, they would admit garage has played an influence in their music. Take Disclosure - they collaborate with artists such as Jessie Ware and Katy B. Working with underground artists as well, and closely with RinseFM.

Techno always has a heart in London clubs as it does at European festivals, however you just can't beat a tune like Neighborhood. True garage.

Check the tee's.

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Neal Chauhan said...

hey do you know where you can get these t-shirts from?